The Undiscovered: Joe Rodriguez

Joe Rodriguez


Adrenaline-Pumping, Cinematic Heavy Rock

When an artist decides to shrug off the trendiness of alternative bands and "Hootie clones" and record heavy rock music that blends soulful, yet explosive guitar work and an image-evoking compositional style, what have you got? Antares: The GranDesign, the new CD from Florida-based multi-instrumentalist Joe Rodriguez. A love of action-movie soundtracks is evident on this new release, and Rodriguez keeps things moving with some incredibly tasteful fretboard wizardry punctuated with both abrasive and smooth sounding samples and synthesizer sounds. From the slide-like rhythms of the driving "Into The Badlands" to Rodriguez' tribute to Eric Johnson, "Lost In Austin", this CD is definitely a must-hear for fans of instrumental guitar.


Joe began with piano lessons at age 12, but then influenced by KISS and Iron Maiden began joining a variety of bands (50's and 60's, classic rock, metal) which exposed him to a wide variety of musical influences. Joe counts Dream Theater, Nine Inch Nails and Suzanne Vega as some of his current influences, which were all pulled together when, with guitar and keyboard sampler in hand, he began work on Antares: The GranDesign. Joe composed arranged and produced the CD himself for his own label, Antarian Music.

Going beyond the boundaries of the typical stripped down guitar, bass and drum arrangements of his contemporaries, Rodriguez pulls his compositions toward the adrenaline pumping and emotion evoking cinematic qualities of movie soundtracks. Rodriguez hopes to continue forging onward to deliver guitar and music for the coming century.

Contact Information

Antarian Music
P.O. Box 300944
Fern Park, FL 32730
United States