The Undiscovered: Joel Wanasek

Joel Wanasek


Extremely Aggressive Instrumental Metal

Joel Wanasek sent in his 4 song demo CD-R, a promotional item for his upcoming full length debut solo CD. The tracks were recorded in his basement in January of 2002, and are designed to showcase his arsenal of blazing licks in an aggressive, instrumental metal format. "All Or Nothing" kicks off the CD with a neo-classical/thrash feel; "Fortress Of The Titans" takes it up a notch higher with plenty of sweeps and blindingly fast runs. "How Things Change" slows things down, allowing for a melodic theme to be presented and developed. Finally, the demo ends with "Unleashed", another shredfest complete with mind-numbing flurries and lightning bolts of cutting axe work. If it's ripping, speedy guitar you want - then it's ripping, speedy guitar you get.


Joel, currently 21 years old, has been playing guitar since the age of 13. Right now he is gearing up to record his debut solo release. Joel, in addition to his solo work, plays with a thrash metal band called Dark Shift. Dark Shift is releasing their debut album "The Assault" on the 6th of June, 2003. You can check the new
album out at On the side, he also runs one of the net's biggest shred guitar instructional sites, Insane Guitar is an award winning site that features tons of free lessons and advice.

Wanasek's goal is to make music his career after he completes his college education.

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