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Jr. James & The Late Guitar


Guitar-Based Alternative Realities

Despite the moniker, Jr. James & The Late Guitar are not a guitar band per se, nor is their second CD, Second Of Nine particularly guitar-oriented. So why the inclusion? Well, the band does call North Carolina home, as does Guitar Nine. Bit of a stretch? Um Second Of Nine, Guitar Nine, Nine, 9, the number nine, get it? No? OK, well the cover of "I'm Into Something Good" (popularized by Herman's Hermits) does feature some fuzzy, slide sounding axe work by Jr. James himself. And the mandolin and guitar instrumental cover "Egyptian Reggae" is a foot stomper, whether you live in Cairo or Montego Bay. OK, truthfully, you'll have to listen carefully for the spicy guitar moments, but the CD as a whole is an infectious good time. When you're feeling randy baby (yeah!), and something comes over you that you can't quite understand, it may be time to check out what Jr. James & The Late Guitar has to offer.


Jr. James & The Late Guitar live in the Asheville area of North Carolina. They recorded Second Of Nine in the summer of 2000 mostly in their own Dubatomic Studio, with some higher tech help from Studioworks in Chapel Hill and Whitewater Recording in Asheville. Second Of Nine is the band's second CD; their first, "Hymns To Her", was released in 1999.

Jr. James & The Late Guitar are taking their show on the road - if you're in the Western part of North Carolina, check out the local entertainment papers for a show near you.

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