The Undiscovered: Keith Ballurio

Keith Ballurio


Instrumental Rock Where Melody Rules

Virginia guitarist Keith Ballurio's advance CD-R contains four instrumental tracks from his upcoming CD entitled "Spider Dance". The four songs are in the style of bluesy hard rock over slow to mid-tempo grooves, and showcase Ballurio's emphasis on melodic motifs, while leaving plenty of space for rapidly picked guitar solos and strict ascending and descending minor key flourishes. The guitar work is center stage on all cuts, as a spartan rhythmic base underlies all four cuts. It would be interesting to hear the themes from "Spider Dance" and "Rimshot" for example, played with a dynamic rhythm section and more instrumentation. Ballurio's soulful guitar work would then naturally serve the songs as part of a cohesive arrangement rather than dominating the mixes.


Keith has been playing guitar for a large portion of his life and is now preparing to release a series of CDs featuring his original, melodic guitar rock music. Keith's desire is to provide accessible musical melodies from the perspective of first, a songwriter and second, a guitarist. He composes and records his music completely in the digital domain, using the Roland VS-880 digital recorder. Keith also favors Steinberger, Ovation and Cort guitars for his recording projects.

Ballurio is currently working on completing the final tracks for the Spider Dance CD, which should be completed very soon. He has also completed enough material for a second CD that should be out by the end of the year. This album also features rock music in the vein of Spider Dance, but with more exotic melodies and instrumentation.

Contact Information

Keith B. Ballurio
8230 Foneswood Lane
Manassas, VA 20112
United States