The Undiscovered: Leggott & Dewar

Leggott & Dewar


Duo Explore Spanish Guitar Genre

The Road to Madrid, a 10-song CD of Spanish guitar finesse by the duo of William Leggott and Robert Dewar, explores the broad spectrum of this important musical genre through timeless original works and their own contemporary compositions. These two outstanding musicians utilize an array of flamenco and classical techniques to awaken the emotions of the listeners, giving the pieces an exhilarating quality and a depth of expressiveness. Whether you are new to the style, or a lover of fine acoustic guitar recordings, you'll find a wealth of great music in tracks such as "Farruca", "El Colibri", "La Fiesta" and the melodic title track. Come travel down this most ancient of roads--the road to Madrid.


Robert Dewar's beginnings as a guitarist were mostly improvisational in nature. He was always captivated by a powerful melody, yet fascinated by the concept of creating a smooth, refined solo, unrehearsed, on the spot. Robert's part in writing for the duo reflects this, as virtually all of the melodies he uses are first conceived as part of a solo, and then isolated and given final form as permanent structures. Given William Leggott's more classical approach to his instrument, this system allows both musicians to excel in their own areas of prowess. It also means that Leggott and Dewar's melodies are indeed inspired by the sum of their two diverse paths on the guitar.

Leggott and Dewar are currently working on a second CD, and they are well along the way to negotiating a two year contract with Community Concerts New York, which would mean a 200 show tour all over the USA in 2001 and 2002.

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