The Undiscovered: Lenny Rocillo

Lenny Rocillo


Supercharged, Energetic Bass Guitar For The New Millennium

Lenny Rocillo's debut solo CD release If You Want Bass is a surprisingly refreshing, mostly instrumental record, showcasing Rocillo's bass guitar technique and love of the instrument in a modern, phunky phatt setting. Rocillo's energetic tracks are enhanced by guitarists Vince Nigro and Larry Mitchell, brass by The Big Picnic Horn Section and by Lenny himself on vocals on "Love Dance" and the title track. Rocillo uses the piccolo bass to great effect on tracks such as the blues-drenched, "A Westward March", where it's hard to believe there are no guitars present. This CD makes for great listening, as the variety and dynamics of the fourteen tunes keep interest at a peak through the final track.


Lenny started playing bass at the age of 17, when he joined the band Shattered Crown. Impressed by Rush bassist Geddy Lee, and an avid music fan, it only remained to transfer his love of bass from his head to his hands. When Shattered Crown finally disbanded, Lenny spent countless hours listening to recordings featuring bassists such as Stanley Clarke, Lee, Marcus Miller and Rocco Prestia. From his influences emerged his current style and technique on the bass guitar.

Rocillo plays an array of custom made Abe Rivera instruments, including a 5-string fretless, a 6-string fretted, a 31 fret piccolo bass and a '76 Fender Jazz bass. With his deep, burnished bass tone, fluent funk chops and his ability to write immediately listenable and fresh music, Rocillo should find himself with an expanding audience after all of his future projects.

Contact Information

Lenny Rocillo
3994 Kingsberry Rd.
Seaford, NY 11783
United States