The Undiscovered: Loren 'Lo' Woods

Loren 'Lo' Woods


Shattering Conventional Notions Of Guitar Playing

Guitar For Crazy People is a CD-R of original instrumental guitar tracks from Indiana-based Loren 'Lo' Woods that strives to bring the melody line back to modern music. Disappointed with the latest wave of popular music, Woods has taken a drum machine and his love of blistering lead breaks and meanacing riffs as the impetus to self-release his music via two albums (the first being "It Might Take Years") and to offer his music for free download on the web site. Guitar For Crazy People is aural evidence that Woods is one-hundred percent committed to playing what is in head, recording it, and getting it out to the people to discover. Guitar-driven and cinematic, the 13 tracks on his latest CD-R offer plenty of imagination, melody and of course, the occasional hyper-speed moments that display Woods' command of his instrument.


Lo spent most of his teens and 20s playing in rock'n'roll cover bands, unable to convince people to create original music that meant anything. At 28, he realized he had fallen into drug/alcohol addiction, and he retired from the music business to get his life together. Lo gradually overcame his personal difficulties and began rediscovering music, built a home studio, and discovered his own voice on the guitar. He has learned a great deal about the recording and marketing processes and plans to continue to explore new territories in music and hopes to gain new listeners in cyberspace.

Woods' goals and ambitions include helping to reinstall sparkling musicianship and class back into the mainstream, to continue to record music and make it available worldwide, to build a state of the art recording studio and to get signed.

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