The Undiscovered: LVX Nova

LVX Nova


Mixing Luxurious Soundscapes With Rock/Blues Guitar

LVX Nova is an ambient/electronic duo from Tampa, Florida, made up of guitarist Bobby DeVito and synthesist Mike Meengs. In contrast to other bands in this genre, LVX Nova blends groove and luxurious soundscapes together with full tilt rock/blues guitar soloing. LVX Nova, their brand-new self-titled debut, started off as a college thesis for guitarist DeVito, based on the progression of ambient/electronic music from its origins to the present. When DeVito teamed up with keyboardist Meengs (formerly with the Florida band Sonic Erotica), the project took a new turn and became its very own work of art. DeVito's contributions on guitar to LVX Nova hearken back to Edgar Froese's work with Tangerine Dream, and his solo style is reminiscent of early David Gilmour.


In the summer of 1996, the due pressed 1,500 CDs and began to promote their new record. DeVito, a former BMG employee, used the Internet to promote the release and built an incredible number of underground contacts along the way. When MIRAMAR signed the band in March of 1997 there was quite an impressive archive of underground press they had garnered on their own.

Since signing with MIRIMAR, the band has done remixes for a number of projects out of Europe and is currently working on a live performance to support the new release.

Contact Information

Miramar Productions
200 Second Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98119
United States

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