The Undiscovered: Mark Bram

Mark Bram


Guitarist/Songwriter Works Studio Magic Close To Home

Mark Bram has brought together almost twenty years of experience-- gigging with bands, playing guitar and keyboards, signing, songwriting and recording--onto his demo cassette, which contains seven rock compositions in the vein of ELO, early Rush, Queen and Led Zeppelin. All the songs on the tape were recorded, produced and engineered by Bram on a Roland VS-880 digital 8-track in his 13x13 living room. Bram's vocal style evokes Geddy Lee of Rush, and one can hear elements of his influences in his guitar playing--Jimmy Page and Brian May, in particular. It is evident from Bram's demo tape that he possesses both a wide vocal range and a developed compositional sense that comes from years of experience.


Mark has been living his music since his pre-teen years. He has led his band, Ruby Topaz, for more than a decade. They have worked primarily in the New England area and have opened for acts such as John Entwistle. In 1982, Ruby Topaz recorded a single that sold in the U.S. and had some success in Europe as well. They also recorded two albums that unfortunately, were never released. Mark recently put together the songs on his demo tape with the assistance of drummer Steve D'Andrea.

Bram undoubtedly will continue to write music and record his own brand of high-powered rock in the future.

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