The Undiscovered: Michael Biscotto

Michael Biscotto


Creating Instrumental Poetry

Moon Landings, a new CD from California guitarist Michael Biscotto, is instrumental poetry which speaks of a universal and intensely personal spiritual awakening. Straddling a line cut somewhere between rock and new age styles, the guitar-oriented material is reminiscent of the melodic playing of Russ Freeman (when electric) and Craig Chaquico (when acoustic). Acoustic tracks such as "Jungle Moon" (each song has 'moon' in the title) display a subtle world influence, while the electric "Moon Walker" delivers a bluesy fusion sound. Joined by a band including Dean Lopes on drums, Don Randi on keyboards and Scott Richards on bass, Biscotto has produced an album with both space and grace - instrumental compositions that warm the heart and soul.


Originally from Brooklyn, Michael has been studying and playing guitar since his early teens. At the age of 15, he started his first band, Fat Legs, and began playing the New York club scene. It was through his music that Michael found solace and escape from the urban jungle in which he resided. He found a calming energy from trips up to Little Falls, New York, which was the beginning of the 'Biscottic style' (later blossoming during a two year spiritual journey to India. Michael's music is also influenced by artists ranging from Pat Metheny to Frank Zappa.

While working at Guava Sportswear, an apparel and promotional outlet, Biscotto aims to circulate his music out to an ever-widening audience.

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Michael Biscotto
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