The Undiscovered: Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor


Australian Guitarist Makes The Most Of Four Tracks

Guitarist Michael Taylor from Adelaide, South Australia submitted an eight song demo cassette recorded entirely using four-track equipment. Within the confines and limitations of the medium Taylor has successfully produced his arrangements to display his intensity, attitude, and most of all, his slick, lightning-speed guitar work. "Hyperbola" rocks hard with dozens of swept arpeggios painted over a metallic canvas. Taylor's first experiments at sequencing are documented in "On The Whole" and "Awakening", the former track an exercise in 'funkronicity', with an ultra-high tech solo. Hopefully a full-length, studio CD is in the future for this more-than-proficient guitarist.


Michael began playing the guitar at a young age, starting with cheap acoustics until he bought his first electric guitar at age 16. His first amp was actually made from the insides of an old record player! Totally self taught, Michael learned by copying licks and riffs from recordings by Judas Priest, KISS, Iron Maiden, Gary Moore and others. Later his playing was influenced by '80s greats such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine, Greg Howe and Paul Gilbert. He currently gigs with the band Darklord, a metal band specializing in heavy, fast music with atmospheric keyboards. Michael has recently gotten into MIDI and sequencing and feels it will open up a whole new world for him compositionally and musically.

Taylor would like to spend the rest of his life playing, writing and recording music, as he finds himself more and more absorbed by it every day. He also would like to eventually compose music for film and other soundtracks.

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