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Monochrome Cherubs


Fluid, Organic, Bluesy Rock

Taking their musical cues from artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, and Skip James the Monochrome Cherubs (Tim Lacy, guitars/vocals; Dan Cartwright, drums, Colin Almquist, bass), submitted their CD-R Hypnotica Del Sol. Lacy goes for a fluid, organic, bluesy sound - the sound of the soul - when playing and composing, and the music reflects that kind of late '60s/early '70s vibe. Lacy has an unorthodox solo style - imagine a combination of a psychedelic medicine man and a drunken sailor, plugging a Strat into a stack of amps, teetering on the edge of dissonance. Nothing out there to directly compare it to. He uses this to great effect on his instrumental Hendrix cover "Peace In Mississippi". Lacy's vocal style is probably one of those you either love or hate immediately - no middle ground here. Check out Hypnotica Del Sol as an example of rock music getting back to its roots.


Tim left New York City for Woodstock in 1996, but previously, had gained a lot of experience working as an assistant to producer Paul O'Neill. They worked on three Savatage albums, including "Gutter Ballet" and the first Badlands album, with Jake E. Lee. Tim also worked as an in-house sound engineer for SIR studios in New York from 1991 to 1994. Longing to return to what had made him fall in love with rock music in the first place, Tim "shedded" for about two years, and finally got to work putting together a project studio ("The Mambo Room"). He met Dan and Colin in 2001, and the band clicked right from the get go.

The Monochrome Cherubs are set to do a follow up to Hypnotica Del Sol, and plan to keep the same vibe going for as long as they can - infusing great music with life.

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