The Undiscovered: Neal Nagaoka

Neal Nagaoka


Lightning Guitar Fuels All-Instrumental Release

Los Angeles guitarist Neal Nagaoka has taken his compositional and performing skills and applied them to his first CD release, an all-instrumental affair entitled The Crossing. His album features eleven hard rock and metal instrumentals marked by propulsive rhythm crunch, sophisticated rock-meets-classical leads, and Nagaoka's immaculate intonation. Nagaoka displays one head-turning lick after another on up-tempo material such as "The Kitten Strut" and "Wham Bam Thank You Maam", as well as on slower grooves such as "The Farewell". If you like ultra-fast shred guitar, look no further than The Crossing.


At the age of 12, Nagaoka began his musical endeavors with a driving passion to be the best. After fourteen years of studying and performing (along with eleven years of teaching experiences), Nagaoka has acquired a vast arsenal of contemporary guitar techniques. He has performed with several rock and jazz bands in both the Los Angeles and Boston areas. After attending the Musicians Institute and the Berklee College of Music, Nagaoka was able to secure a teaching position as an instructor of guitar at GIT for the Musicians Institute. His desire to fully realize his own compositions led to the creation of The Crossing in 1997.

While testing the independent waters for now, Nagaoka's long-term desire is to obtain a record deal and further utilize his compositional and performing skills. Nagaoka is also seeking distribution for The Crossing, and is looking for additional endorsements to compliment his current agreements with E.S.P. guitars and Vibro Tech.

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