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Pushing Progressive's Boundaries

California's New Sun second CD release is entitled Affects which consists of eight songs, both instrumental and vocal. Band members include D.L. Erickson (guitar, keys), Christopher Scott (guitar, vocals, keys), Alex Kley (bass) and Chris Trujillo (drums). Self described as a progressive rock soundscape, New Sun is ever searching for ways to express ideas in a new musical idiom. By utilizing the foundations laid by classic prog-rock bands of the '70s (Rush, Yes, King Crimson), and listening to bands of the '90s, their intention is to push boundaries musically. The Rush influence is particularly prominent, however the guitar serves a different, more textural role than in the popular Canadian trio's music. Composition and engineering are the twin foundations of New Sun's music, and if this fits your guidelines, be sure to check out Affects.


New Sun has been playing as a sonic unit for five years. New Sun formed when Erickson and Scott found common interests musically and started to compose as a team. After a year and a half search, Alex Kley filled the bass department. Chris Trujillo arrived a year later. From the beginning, a defined vision of sound and direction has been shared by all. Collectively, influences such as Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, King Crimson, David Torn, Neil Pert, Bill Bruford, Yes and Tony Levin guide the songwriting and provide instrumental inspiration. They recorded their first CD, "Fractured" in October of 1995.

Presently New Sun is out and about playing and promoting both CDs.

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