The Undiscovered: Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson


Energetic, Unpredictable Fingerstyle Guitar

New Hampshire-based acoustic guitarist Nick Thompson has recently released his second CD of original fingerstyle guitar music, entitled Sometimes Splatter Paints. The record consists of nine original compositions and an otherworldly cover version of the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby". Thompson uses nothing more than an Alvarez 6-string and a Taylor 12-string to record his music, yet the guitar at times has a steel guitar or banjo quality to the sound, due to the nature of Thompson's strumming style. Sometimes Splatter Paints' songs cover a lot of musical ground--from the chillingly beautiful fretwork on "Enola" to the unorthodox tapping used to extract the melody on the opening track "Ylime."


Thompson had a quite a different style in mind when he began playing guitar. His hero was Slash and he played in a Guns N' Roses cover band. It wasn't until Nick heard fingerstyle guitar for the first time that he realized he had found his passion and began to practice seriously. He then released his first CD, "Red Weather." Later, Thompson ran into an friend that was able to obtain free studio time at the Dust Brothers studio in Los Angeles to record what was to become Sometimes Splatter Paints.

Thompson's goal is to integrate his fingerpicking style with both the drive of the rock music from his youth and the intensity of the late John Coltrane, whose music Nick now listens to.

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