The Undiscovered: Philippe Ansari

Philippe Ansari


Mad Guitar, Electronic Sounds, Experimental Vibe

South Wales native Philippe Ansari's compilation cassette of songs (taken from three of his four CDs) mesh terrifying guitar playing with a healthy dose of compositional absurdity and cerebellum-crushing electro-soundscapes. If it's music (or even if it isn't), it's apt to be blended together in one of Ansari's compositions, which have been described as "Buckethead meets 'Jazz From Hell' era Zappa." Ansari strives to make his music as unpredictable and adventurous as possible, and when appropriate, inserts guitar solos with an uncompromising sense of abandon. Quite a combination of shred and flipped-out fusion can be found on all of Ansari's CDs, including "Worlds Beyond Cause", "Anomalies", "Holotropic Guitar" and The Cosmic Monstrositors."


Philippe was originally trained as a classical guitarist, but he found classical studies to be too inflexible for his rapidly expanding musical horizons. He began concentrating on radical electric guitar playing styles. His situation improved when he moved to Vienna in 1991 to enroll at the American Institute of Music and take lessons from Wayne Brasel and Todd Duane, among others. In addition to numerous gigs and performances, Philippe also collaborated with keyboardist Lale Larson and guitarist Regis Muneral from 1991-93, the sessions eventually released in 1994 as "The Cosmic Monstrositors" project.

Ansari is currently recording material for his fourth solo album, as well working on a progressive ethno-jazz style band project called "Metaforms, " which is giving him a chance to concentrate on his acoustic and classical guitar playing.

Contact Information

Philippe Ansari
10 Clare Drive
Vale Of Glamorgan, CF71 7HS