The Undiscovered: Randy Feifer

Randy Feifer


Instructor Shoots For Instrumental Release

Hailing from Bethesda, Maryland, guitarist/instructor Randy Feifer is ready to expand his horizons. Feifer's four-song demo cassette reveals a love of melodic guitar instrumentals, each track establishing a unique sonic perspective. Feifer's abilities as a high caliber soloist are also made known, as he proves his mettle with swift, gut-level patterns and winsome melodic phrases. The demos include funk ("Funk 2000"), rock ("Sea Thing") and even acoustic blues ("Blues Canvas"). In time, Feifer will be able to expand upon his solid foundation of strong instrumental compositions.


Randy began taking classical guitar lessons at age eight. After a few years he switched to rock lessons and developed an acute interest in soloing. By age thirteen, he was playing in garage bands and learning every song he could get his hands on. In college he got his first four track, and started recording guitar instrumentals. His instrumentals were featured on local radio stations in Washington D.C. and Baltimore. To expand his knowledge of the guitar, Randy started building his own bodies and necks from scratch. After learning what makes the instrument tick he has come up with some unique designs that will allow for the possibilities of new sounds. Randy has also been a full time guitar instructor for the past twelve years.

Feifer auditioned for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and hopes for more opportunities to join a successful band. Future goals include recording an instrumental album and being a contributing member of an established band.

Contact Information

Randy Feifer
7805 Old Georgetown Rd. Suite 216
Bethesda, MD 20814
United States