The Undiscovered: Ray De Tone

Ray De Tone


Eclectic Instrumental CD Oozes Raw Energy

After composing over 150 songs and touring and recording with members of Billy Joel's, Iggy Pop's and Steve Vai's bands, New York guitarist Ray De Tone decided it was time to release his opening solo statement. The result is Once More...With Feeling, an eclectic album fusing the elements of blues, alternative, progressive, African, country, metal and bluegrass with a kick-ass rock'n'roll backbeat. De Tone harnesses over twenty years of guitar playing and serves up some great listening on the ten instrumental tracks. Generally favoring a slightly overdriven tone over the compressed distortion sounds of his contemporaries, songs such as "Ray's Stew" and "Up On The Wire" carry De Tone's distinctive mark, yet display the intensity one expects from a guitar addict.


After a one year apprenticeship on the accordion, Ray literally demanded guitar lessons at the tender age of eight, setting the stage for his first professional gig -- in sixth grade! Attending a musically competitive high school, Ray wrote his first instrumental song, and since that time has proven to be a prolific writer, while keeping active in the performing world as well. He has toured with Iron Maiden's Paul Dianno, CBS recording artist Drive, She Said and rock icon Ronnie Spector. His goals for his playing were rock-steady: to be diverse, eclectic, contemporary, and to never, ever be repetitive.

De Tone is presently seeking a record label or distribution company with strong promotional and marketing ideas to exploit both Once More...With Feeling and a number of future projects. His CD serves as the ideal calling card to entice future partners.

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