The Undiscovered: Ron Wright

Ron Wright


Guitarist & Composer Has Acoustic Dreams

Ron Wright is a Carmel, California-based guitarist who, in his words, composes music of rare quality and sensitivity, incorporating many styles and techniques. To this end, Wright has released a new CD, entitled Acoustic Dreams. Wright used seven different acoustic guitars on the record, as well as mandolin and sampled instruments, such as strings, oboe, french horn, flute, percussion and more. The instrumental music on Acoustic Dreams is highly evocative as Wright produces landscapes of sound and imagery through his heartfelt arrangement style and orchestration. The disc contains moments of flash as well, evidenced by the acoustical two-handed approach on "Flight Of The Bumble Bee." Wright also arranged, produced and engineered the CD.


Ron, born in Montana, grew up in a musical family and began playing the guitar at the age of ten. He endeavors to compose music in many different styles and genres to appeal to music lovers across the globe. Ron has released a seven-song cassette tape, entitled "The Pilgrim And The Preacher", a project with high-energy rock and rock ballads recorded with special guest artists such as lead vocalist Bobby Kimball and drummer John Ferarro. This eventually led to his desire to do an acoustic project, which was recorded at Ron's private studio in Pebble Beach, California.

Wright is currently trying to promote his latest CD, as well as shop it to hard working record labels. He is also interested in touring with an innovative group of musicians.

Contact Information

Ron Wright
P.O. Box 204
Carmel, CA 93921
United States