The Undiscovered: Rusty Cooley

Rusty Cooley


Intense, Ripping Instrumental Guitar

Rusty Cooley's two-song demo cassette amply demonstrates his love of highly technical, lightning fast guitar work, as he puts his Ibanez Universe 7-string guitar together with a Rocktron Intelifex and a Fender amp to generate an ultra-heavy sound shock. The first song "Dominion", features a harmonized hook, tight, metallic rhythmic work, and unpredictable single-note guitar fills. The second instrumental, "EBE", blazes with swept arpeggios, harmonized lines, and bee-in-a-bottle solo runs. Cooley's demo proves he's mastered the modern guitar hero idiom.


The Texas-based six-stringer has been playing guitar for the past fourteen years, and has been teaching young guitar hopefuls for the past ten years. Cooley has logged time in the Houston bands Dreamer, Alter Ego, Revolution and most recently, Dominion. Cooley has also produced "World Class Guitar Techniques", a half-hour guitar program for KTLJ (Channel 22) in Houston, and was selected as a finalist in the Jason Becker AIM Scholarship search.

Cooley's goals for the future include: obtaining a recording contract from a well-established label, recording an intense guitar instrumental CD, offering educational material such as instructional books and videos and gaining endorsements for musical products.

Contact Information

Rusty Cooley
77 Deerfoot Circle
The Woodlands, TX 77380
United States