The Undiscovered: Sandy Prager

Sandy Prager


Jazz Guitarist Strives To Reach Wider Audience

Seattle Joe's is the latest studio release from Bostonian Sandy Prager, a gifted jazz guitarist and all-around, top-notch artist. His fourth CD, Prager's music demonstrates a number of diverse influences but stays true to his roots--jazz-based acoustic improvisations. Several of the instrumentals, such as "The Mod Squad" and "Moroccan Sundance" are intense and rhythmically exciting as Prager's melodies fluidly eminate from his acoustic guitar. Prager is a formidable player by anyone's standard, yet the twelve songs on Seattle Joe's are not intended as music for musicians. Rather, he has found a way to create challenging compositions which can be appreciated by a wide variety of music fans. All in all, a wonderful recording.


Born in Brooklyn in 1958, Sandy has been playing guitar since the age of 12. He is a seventh generation musician, which includes his first teacher, his father, who was jazz trombonist Bert Prager. Sandy has studied music at the University of Miami and at Berklee in Boston. For the past 15 years, he has been a mainstay in the Boston music scene, recording with Mark Chenevert on the CD "FIgures Of Speech", and on a trio recording, "Is As As Is". Sandy also recorded a release with his quartet, "Open Door". He has also composed for television, including a documentary of Massachusetts.

Prager hopes the accessible approach he has taken on Seattle Joe's will help him to reach a wider audience.

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