The Undiscovered: Steven Dillon

Steven Dillon


Solo Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist

An acoustic fingerstylist from Virginia, Steven Dillon has recently released his full-length instrumental CD debut, First Of All. The album showcases his broad background and features his progressive acoustic style. Listeners will appreciate the intimacy of the recording - when played on a nice stereo system, you'll feel as if Dillon is there giving you a private concert, replete with yearning, grittily beautiful melodicism and a plethora of ringing open-string licks and tasteful harmonics (the CD is loaded with one-take performances). From the technically challenging, roller-coaster ride of "Flyin' Low" to the emotional dedication song, "Rusty's Spirit", there is plenty of superb listening material to be enjoyed on First Of All, especially for acoustic guitar enthusiasts. Highly recommended.


Steven cut his musical teeth on Bluegrass and by the age of 14 was exercising his musical skills on a 12-string guitar, writing and recording his own songs. A Van Halen concert turned his attention to the electric guitar as well, but all was pushed to the background for 10 years as Steven completed his college degree and began working. A near-fatal car accident prompted him to rearrange his priorities and he once again began writing music and playing guitar. Steven considers himself a, "second generation Michael Hedges-influenced player," and is also influenced by acoustic players such as Don Ross and Billy McLaughlin. He currently is enjoying success on, with 4 songs in 3 different genres in the top 40.

Dillon continues to pursue commercial and college radio play, as well as increased webcasting. His music has appeared on the Radio Free Kansas program.

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