The Undiscovered: Truthcircle



Three Musicians Become One, United!

Truthcircle's first full-length CD, 3/3, released on their own label, Airquake Records, is a fiery, funky record incorporating samples, great guitar work and poignant, relevant lyrics. Guitarist-vocalist Al Mitchell and bassist Scott Hildner combine with drummer Tom Baratta to form a formidable trio, hell-bent on breaking down musical boundaries and playing music that is absolutely true to themselves. Mitchell's blues-based but highly modern guitar style cuts deep on every track, without overwhelming the production or sonic landscape.


Truthcircle was formed in late 1994, when the musical prospects for the trio were looking bleak. After the first rehearsal, they knew they had something out of the ordinary. They all added their experiences and influences to the mix. Mitchell's expressive vocals and guitar work was launched into overdrive when coupled with Hilder's hardcore punk bass sound and industrial, hip hop patterned samples. Baratta grounded the two by laying down monstrous back beats and fills in the style of the great old school metal and progressive drummers.

After recording a five-song, two-track, 100% live demo, Andthepeoplesay and selling over 200 copies at gigs, they decided they had to take the next step and record a CD that would document what the band had become. They started Airquake Records in February, 1996, and entered a local studio to start recording 3/3. The end result is an aggressive, powerful musical statement on the realities of life, covering domestic violence, self abuse, and human survival.

Contact Information

C/O Airquake Records
16 Park Avenue
Rutherford, NJ 07070
United States