The Undiscovered: Victor Sabula

Victor Sabula


Inspiring Others to Find the Inspiration in Themselves

Victor Sabula's solo debut release, Between Two Seas, contains both inventive and introspective acoustic vocal numbers and otherworldly, sci-fi instrumental tapestries. Sabula is not afraid to experiment, using layering, delay and open tunings to create some provocative guitaristic strangeness. Sabula's "Symphony Of Deconstruction", for example, is an instrumental of layered and blended guitar sounds that tends toward the hypnotic at times, but varies the central motif in order to maintain interest.


Beginning on the drums at age nine, Sabula has since channeled the majority of his creative talents into his guitar playing, although he also plays keyboards, bass, and a hazardous circular saw blade kit. Working in both traditional and non-traditional tunings on both acoustic and electric guitars, the hallmark of Sabula's style, as evidenced on Between Two Seas, is its eclecticism, spontaneity and genuine experimental optimism. In addition to his solo works, Sabula, under the alias Victim Longmont, is also a member of two Cleveland-based projects, The Salad Years and Tamerlane, which create music in the science fiction rock vein. Sabula also enjoys playing solo guitar at local coffee shops and an occasional film festival.

Sabula's goal is to gain the attention of an independent label that will assist him in producing his compositions and promoting them to a wider audience without pressures and big business glamour. Regardless, Sabula plans to continue the exploration of his creativity, through musical and non-musical methods.

Contact Information

Victor Sabula
11207 Clifton Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44102
United States