The Undiscovered: Warp 3

Warp 3


Accessible Amalgam Of Instrumental Rock, Funk & Fusion

The hard rock and fusion sound of Warp 3 is about to be unleashed on the world. The band submitted a four song instrumental CD-R of master quality works that advance an in-your-face sound replete with soaring, melodic lines and bone-crushing gooves. Ace guitarist Ryan Maza leads this powerful trio through five- and six-minute ripping fusion numbers, the heavy, melodically evocative and freaked-out guitar riffs holding center stage (just barely!) as the pounding rhythm section frames each track. Warp 3 is a talented group--both performance and songwriting are potent and top-shelf. One can only hope the full-length release is a short time coming.


Ryan founded Warp 3, and also writes and arranges most of the band's music. Dense, close-voiced harmonic structures and horn-like "sheets of sound" round out the guitarist's arsenal. Mike Martinez, bassist, throws down some serious lines for Warp 3. His bright, funkified tone adds zest and bite to the fat slabs of funk he dishes out underneath. Drummer Jim Pavett attacks his kit with the vicious gut-punch of Mike Tyson and the practiced finesse of Baryshnikov. His groove is fluid yet precise, laying a thick, heavy backbone for the trio that serves as a launching pad for frenetic polyrhythmic fills and lush cymbal work.

Warp 3 is currently writing and recording material for their first full length CD, which will be available in the summer of 1999. Their long term goal is to form an alliance which will solidify their position in the music industry and broaden the scope of their commercial reach.

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Warp 3
2844 W. Firebrook
Tuscon, AZ 85741
United States

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