The Undiscovered: Zlatko Brodaric

Zlatko Brodaric


Croatian Studio Guitarist Steps Out

Zlatko Brodaric is a guitarist from Split, Croatia who submitted his CD-R release featuring 15 instrumental cuts which display his stunning ability on rock, blues and fusion material. The wide range of styles on the album, entitled Between Perpendiculars, is due in part to the fact that Brodaric works as a studio guitarist, which apparently also accounts for his fluid soloing, supple rhythm playing, and keen sense of dynamics and melody. Included on the CD-4 are four "miniatures" - fingerpicked songs that showcase Brodaric's sensitive side as well as calm the listener before the high energy tunes take over. This is a very listenable instrumental album; as soon as each piece starts, you find yourself wanting to hear where he takes it, instead of wanting it to end quickly, as you might with some of the more unoriginal stuff out there. Great piece of musicianship.


Zlatko started playing guitar at the age of 10, and by the end of the '70s he was playing with two popular rock bands (More and Metak) which had a number of successful records in the former Yugoslavia. Toward the end of the '80s, Zlatko began a successful career as a studio guitarist, recording guitar for many renowned Croatian acts. Still dreaming of recording his own music, he equipped a modest home studio so that he could work on the tracks that make up Between Perpendiculars.

Brodaric is currently working on a second CD of songs, the working title of which is "Going West Looking East", and he expects to complete the album very soon

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