Warren Cuccurullo "Thanks 2 Frank"

Warren Cuccurullo "Thanks 2 Frank"

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Warren Cuccurullo
Thanks 2 Frank
The Story
"Thanks 2 Frank" is an all-original Warren Cuccurullo rock guitar masterpiece. The album is named, of course, due to Warren's great respect and admiration for Frank Zappa. He has often said in interviews that if not for Frank, he would not have his career...that he owes it all to him. Hence, "Thanks 2 Frank". However, there are no Frank Zappa songs on the album...these are all Warren's. He recorded the album live, with no overdubs, in two days (August 20 and 28, 1994) in Metropolis Studios, London, except for the title track, which was recorded July 7, 1994 at 2:30 AM, at his first solo show, at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ. He also handled all production duties. Written during the 10 day period before his Stone Pony solo show (except for "Galactic Ballerina," which was written later), these songs are a mix of precision and passion.
The Music
05:25 The Canarsie Daiquiri Instrumental
04:51 Orgasmatron Instrumental
05:12 Ass Man Instrumental
02:42 Jam Man Jam Instrumental
06:28 Hey Zawinul Instrumental
03:06 The Galactic Ballerina Instrumental
07:42 Low Speed Chase Instrumental
07:02 Indian Time Zones Instrumental
04:44 Tardinha Instrumental
07:34 The Spider Instrumental
08:38 Thanks To Frank (Live) Instrumental
The Artists
Warren Cuccurullo Guitar, Production, Arrangements, Art Direction
Talvin Singh Tabla (Track 5)
Vinnie Colaiuta Drums (Tracks 1-10)
Jerry Cuccurullo Drums (Track 11)
Pino Palladino Bass (Tracks 2, 5, 6, 8, 9)
Nick Beggs Bass (Tracks 1, 3, 4, 7, 11), Chapman Stick (Track 10)
Chris Potter Engineering
Tony Taverner Engineering, Mixing
Thomas Nordegg Engineering
Tim Young Mastering
Ellen Von Unwerth Photography (Center Photo)
Christopher Maguire Front and Back Cover Photography
Karen Wit Rubber Shirt
Eric Roinestad Art Direction, Design
All tracks recorded live in Studio B, Metropolis on August 20th & 28th 1994 except "Thanks To Frank" recorded live at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ on July 7th 1994 at 2:30 AM.

There are no overdubs on this record.

Mixed at Master Rock.

Mastered at Metropolis.