Danelectro Back Talk Reverse Delay

Nobody does Reverse Delay like this! Invented by ­Danelectro in 1999, this pedal has achieved cult status. Why? Because of its warm, organ-like, violin-like tone. Essentially, it literally flips the phrase you just played and plays it ­backwards.

The Danelectro Back Talk Reverse Delay can really be thought of as many pedals in one. This green stomper lets you go from subtle reverse/delay, to a full-on psychedelic freak out, to lush mega-effects... and lots in between. The three controls for Mix, Speed and Repeats allow for mind-blowing shading and shaping of a massive array of sounds and moods. It's not an effect you need on every song - but when called upon, the Danelectro Back Talk reverse delay pedal's rich, chewy character boldly speaks for itself.

One great trick to try is front-ending this with a clean digital delay, creating opulent soundscapes that are unexpected and lively.

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9V battery; 9V tip negative