Home Studio Registry: Chad D. Austin

Future plans/projects

My band, the Logic, is writting material for their 4th release. I am also producing and engineering many regional projects, time allowing.


Main: Charvel Predator, 2nd: custom-built DiMarzio, bass- Ibanez TR, acoustic- handmade Ibanez (a/e) and Charvel (a/e) 12-string


Yamaha W7 (version2), w/ 16 track sequencer onboard

Sound modules

Roland sampler


Alesis DM5 and D4


[1]. Behringer Autocom (x2), [2]. DOD 1/3 EQ, [3]. ART SGE MACH II, [4]. DIGITECH Vocalist II, [5]. BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer, [6]. ART FXR Elite, [7]. APHEX Aural Exciter [8]. Alesis Microverb, [9]. IBANEZ DMD2000 Digital Delay, DBX project1 compressor, [10]Aphex Quad Gate, [11]Lexicon FX processor- the Reflex, [11]Roland SDE 1000, [12]Digitech Studio Quad, [13] Alarez Auto-tune Intonnator, [14]Alesis 3120 Compressor


Too many to name here- regular shure's (SM57 and 58's), AKG condensers, Shure BG's, AT's, etc


Soundtracks-Topaz model (14 x 2)

Tape decks

JVC DAT, Pioneer Dual Cassette, Tascam DA-30 MKII DAT

Hard disk recorders

Roland VS-1880 and Roland CDRack


Cheapie Scott (but it sounds good, I swear), Acoustic Monitor DB IV, and 3 pairs of Sony MDR-V600 (headphones)


Custom built PCs (750 Pentium III and 350 Pentium II), over 40 Gigs HD space on each, 512 MB SDRAM on both, CD Burners on both.

Music software

Sound Forge 4.5, DBX plug-ins, ACID 2.0, 1.0

Additional equipment

Marshall Jubilee 25/50 half stack, DIGITECH GSP2101 (Artist and memory added) with footcontroller (this is my current love), various pedals including Wah, tube screamer (Ibanez TS 1)

Additional notes

Although I love to record, my main shop is writing. My influence page would be like: if Sting met with Led Zeppelin, while having tea with the Beatles, and then went with U2 to meet OLD Van Halen and the Beastie Boys, they would find me as an understudy.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other More than 100