Home Studio Registry: Chris Anderson

Future plans/projects

Record the demo for my band "HINDSIGHT", a experimental progressive metal/fusion project (been compared to Dream Theater). Mobile recordings for local bands.Currently recording my solo Acoustic Instrumental CD entitled "Through the looking glass"


Esp exclusively...2 esp customs,1-Horizon and 1-Eclipse for studio, live and solo recording a Esp 48th street custom and an ESP mirage deluxe. For more of a Blues "ala" Eric Johnson tone we offer a Limited production PRS GE-3 guitar w/ lindey fralin zero hum single coil pickups. For Nylon sounds, 1959 handmade Harmony Classical w/ beautiful warm tone. Casio MG-510 midi guitar w/ Seymour Duncans for the sound modules and midi application. Charvel and Washburn acoustic guitars.


Casio and Yamaha keyboard set up.

Sound modules

Roland GR-50 guitar synth module, Roland MT-32 sound module


12 pc. Ludwig 24" double bass kit, gibralter cage system, zildian cymbles, and a 5pc pearl jazz set up. Drum machine from the Yamaha Keyboards, and Cakewalk pro.9 has a varity of programable drum sounds


Roland GP16 multi effect processor, ADA MP1, Mesa Boogie quad preamp, 2 nanoverbs, 1 microverb


Shure SM57's,SM58's, audio technics, and assorted other name mics


Tascam 488 8 track multi recorder/mixer

Tape decks

Tascam 488, Phillips CD-R

Hard disk recorders

Gateway computer


80 watt Yamaha monitoring system


Custom built PC (built for recording only by Ken Leithclieter) 30 gb hd, 128k, midi sound blaster sound card, CD-R, and DVD

Music software

Cakewalk pro 9.0, adobe sound forge, sonic foundry, sounds from around the world

Additional equipment

Mesa boogie DC3 head,Mesa Boogie 50 Caliper plus head,Mesa Boogie Quda Preamp, Mesa Boogie 2-12 and 2-412 rectifier cabnets (with Altec black widows and celestion black widows), marshall amps (both valvestate and tube), sonic 2-15 cabnets for bass, peavey Bandit w/ 12. With the different amps, and preamps I have, the tonal capabilities are truley "UNLIMITED".

Additional notes

This studio was originally constructed for on the side demo work, but has become a full time project.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians