Home Studio Registry: David Banner

Future plans/projects

I would like to finish all the songs I've started -- There are probably 25 of them.


General Music WS3

Sound modules

Roland JV1080, Kurzweil K2500RS


Shure SM-57

Tape decks

Mitsubishi T5010


Alesis RA-100, Sony MDR-V6, Samson headphone amps, Alesis Studio 2 monitors


PII-450, Promise IDE RAID with two WD drives, 64MB

Music software

Cakewalk Professional 7, Cool Edit Pro

Additional equipment

Ensoniq Paris with Interface MEC

Additional notes

Inspirations include the Pat Metheny Group, The Rippingtons, Jeff Lorber, and Chick Corea. I am a computer science student who just recently decided to focus a little more on my music in my spare time. I like to write jazz and techno.

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
Average High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles