Home Studio Registry: Fernando Barragan

Future plans/projects

Plug-ins for digital masteringand adding the rest of my video editing and mastering equipment. Grupo Radio Centro, from Mexico City, will record some jingles for a mitsubishi radio spot test. The Group "Nova" from Mexico City will begin with the mixing and mastering from the project finished this september. A couple of video editings and masterings. call 55 62 75 22 from Mexico City


Ibanez Gr series with Seymour Duncan Humbucker pick-up, Ibanez EX series limited edition (1991), Mexican Hand-made acoustic guitar(from Paracho), and electroacoustic guitar with bridge humbucking pick-up.


Yamaha, Korg.

Sound modules

GT-3 Boss guitar processor with MIDI module, Superlux midi transfer with Yamaha XG decoder.


Boss Dr. Groove, Acoustic Tama Rockstar drum kit, Acoustic Pearl Drum kit with 3 air toms 6", 8", 10", 4 mexican Djembes, 1 Didgeridoo(australian pipe), 1 African Djembe.


GT-3 guitar effect processor (Boss), Metal Zone ( Boss Distortion), Ibanez Soundtank various effects, Analog X plug-ins, Ciberlink plug-ins, Hyperprism plug-ins, Antares plug-ins, BBE sonic maximizer (analog and plug -in), 2 DBX Compressor/gate ( 266xl model), 1 Aphex Aural Exciter (204 model), 1 Alesis Digital Microverb4, 1 Alesis Microverb, and an Ashly analog 36 band-pass stereo EQ.


Superlux DRK-4 Drum set mics/ Shure Sm57, 2 wireless Sm58, Sm58/ AKG 770/ CAD condenser mic gxl2200/ Audio Technica Midnight blues 4400 and dm 1900.


Yamaha MC1603, Mackie w/16 faders and Alesis w/10 faders

Tape decks

Onkyo, Sony MD/MD Data mixing console/recorder, 2 Sony MD recorders.

Hard disk recorders

Adobe Audition, Sintryllium Cool Edit Pro 2.1, Sound Forge Sonic Foundry.


JBL! control 5 and Apogee sound international ACS-Point5 speakers, Perfect Choice compueter speakers, Optimus STA-20 Power Amp, LASONIC Power Amp, Aiwa X301 and HP-X111 Headphones.


Pentium 4 CPU, with 100Gbite Hard Disk, 2.8 Ghz Pentium Processor, 1.1Gbite Ram Memory.

Music software

OTS CD, Windows Mwdia, Real Media,, Dj Mix Station, Winamp, Musicmatch Jukebox, Adobe Audition.

Additional equipment

"Guitar Research" mini stack, Marshall combos, DVD Writer, Analog Video Capture card, Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Software, OTTO Multi Effects CD players with scratch knobs, OTS CD Scratch in CD-ROM.

Additional notes

We are a recording studio that began in 2001 working as a home studio, untill, the budget increased because of our client demand, and then began working semi-professionally, in Mexico City. Ou specialty is recording Rock and Heavy metal music, because we think it is one of the most, difficult and variable music to record, but that helps us to improve and learn new self-teached methods, because we had to, and we are still learning from our costumers. Talking about me, Fernando, I'm flexible and open-minded, talking about learning anything new everyday. Thank you for the opportunity, and for supporting everyone all over the world with your site.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Other
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40