Home Studio Registry: Istvan Peter B'Racz

Future plans/projects

Full lengh motion picture, large orchestral works, various live collaberations wih performance ensembles, solo and chamber music performances and recordings, game sound design and soundtracks, New Music Concert Series called "NEW HAVEN WORKS", Concerts with LOOP2.4.3...


Takamine Explorer copy (GX-100), Strat copy, Sometimes a vintage Gibson Flying V, an old semi-broken ukelele guitar with two very detuned strings (used more as a quasi-pitched perc instrument).


Yamaha MOTIF6, Alesis QS-8, Yamaha SY-35...

Sound modules

EMU E5000 ULTRA sampler (decked out with HD and RAM), Roland JV-880 with Orch expansion card


Tons of little strange noisemakers, flutes, pipes, PVC tubes, dijeridoos, Viola, Cello, mini accordion, singing bowls, thunder-tube, groan-stick, e-bow, two regular bows, ethnic flutes and ocharinas, snake charmers, Philippino Kulintang Gongs, "AceTone-Rhythm Ace" ancient beatbox...


Korg KAOSS DJ mixing pad, Sony DPS-V55, various plugins to use with Dig. Performer, SFX machine


Pair of Rode NT5's, and NT1's, pair of AT3525's, AT 822, SM-57's, BlueTube Pre-amp and compressor, and some "junk" mics for fun...


Mackie 1642 VLZ-PRO, and several patchbays with custom shielded cables

Tape decks

Alesis XT-20 ADAT, Panasonic DAT, Sony MiniDisc

Hard disk recorders

Two Alesis Masterlinks, Korg D16 for on-site multitracking stuff


Denon class A amp, B+W monitors(w/sub) old Koss "suction-cup" headphones, Sennheiser HD440 headphones...


Two Macs running in tandem: An older 8500 OS9.2.2(with an accel card), 272 Megs Ram and a fast SCSI card with 4 external HDs, and G4 466MHz, 1.5gigsRam and almost half a terrabyte of HD space...OS9.2.2+X.2.6

Music software

Digital Performer V3+4, Finale, Sibelius, Ableton LIVE, Reason, Unity SESSION, Audio Finder, JackPilot, Audio HiJack, Deck II, Soundedit 16, Unisyn, Adaptec Jam, Toast Titanium, SFX machine (and, yes, I support the companies by PAYing for these programs!).

Additional equipment

MOTU MTP AV, MOTU 2408mkIII, MOTU 828, Denon Tuner, Cybernet Turntable, Sharp 722 MD for portable recordings, small Mackie 1202 board as well as a Yamaha Stereo Mixer-Amp for live situations, TOA amp, and an ancient analog knob-synth...

Additional notes

Guitar was one of my first loves...I still play every now and then, but my main instrument became the piano. A lot of my creative ideas happen on the guitar, still. I love to play it in unusual ways. I enjoy working with other composers of new modern music (all styles). I have started a new concert venue in New Haven called "New Haven Works" for new music. I think that now I have become somewhat of a studio-mole...so I'm trying to come-out and squint in the public-light...no sunscreen...

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone More than 100