Home Studio Registry: Joe Burba

Future plans/projects

Day Job and Stability


Epiphone Sheraton, Fender Strat


Midiman49 MIDI controller

Sound modules

POD 2.2,Nanosynth,nanobass,DR-660,the guts of a Roland S-50


DR-660, Nanosynth


3 multi fx rack units,tube pramp,BBE sonic maximizer,Alesis 230 E.Q.,Yamaha Gate/Limiter/Compressor,POD 2.0 as well as various pedals


2 shure,1 Oktava MK319


Yamaha 16 track

Tape decks

Tascam 4 track reel to reel,Technique cassette

Hard disk recorders

HD2: 24 tracks


Sansui Power amp KRK Reference Monitors 2 AKG K240 headphones


Two self built each with removable hard drive bays, networked

Music software

Powertracks, Nuendo, Wavelab, Cakewalk, etc.

Additional equipment

Video editing, Pinnacle board, Adobe Premier Software

Additional notes

I started playing guitar at twenty, "sitting in" around Chicago's blues clubs. Eventually I picked up work playing, recording, and touring the US and Canada with various blues ensembles.I've had the oppurtunity to gig at Buddy Guy's Legends, Kingston Mines, Rosa's Blues lounge, the Yale in Vancouver B.C., B.B Kings in Memphis to name a few, as well as some Music Fests around the U.S.

Primary use Secondary use
Commercial work Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100