Home Studio Registry: Jon Keilson

Future plans/projects

Producing/Engineering records for bands.


Black and White Fender Stratocaster with maple fret board, Red Fender Bass, black ibanez bass, acoustic ibanez guitar and another ibanez electric guitar. Have a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL401 tube combo Amp.


Kawai Keyboard

Sound modules

Line6's POD guitar device


Tama Rock Star Drum Set Sabian Cymbals, Paste Sound Formula Cymbals, Remo Rototoms, Tama Piccolo Snare Drum


Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP1000P, Line6 POD, Amp effects, computer effects, Behringer Virtualizer Pro, Behringer Compressor/gate/expander, Digitech Harmonizer, and guitar pedal effects


2 Shure 57's, K&K Sound hot hihat microphone, Shure Beta 52 Dynamic Microphone for Bass Drum and Bass Guitar, 2 Audio-Technica AT3525 Cardioid condenser microphones


Behringer EURODESK MX2442A 24 channel console, Tascam 424 Portastudio

Tape decks

Pioneer, Tascam Portastudio

Hard disk recorders

Computer Based


Alesis RA-100 Studio Reference Amp, Event 20/20 Direct Field Studio Monitors, 2 pairs of generic wireless headphones, 1 pair of Sennheiser R60 Wireless Headphones, 1 pair wired headphones


I connect my mixing board to my computer through a MOTU 24i core system, 24 bit 48khz A/D conversion. It has 24 inputs and 2 main outputs. Use a Dell Dimension 8100 with 1.4 GHz and a 60 gig hard drive, 256 MB RAM. Both are networked through the house so once I record I can send it to mix on a custom Pentium III 450 that has 17 gigs, which is in my den.

Music software

Cool Edit Pro, Cubase SX, Sound Forge, Pro Tools FREE, T-Racks Mastering Software, Cakewalk 9

Additional equipment

Tascam Patchbay, Ricoh CD Recorder, Sony cd recorder, phillips cd recorder, and a CD Recorder built into my Dell Dimension Desktop.

Additional notes

I'm always updating...

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Practice and Rehearsal
Recording level MIDI level
High Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40