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Future plans/projects

The band I am a part of, 'Kissing Tree' are in the process of recording their first CD release. Instead of paying someone else big bucks to record us, I got it in my head to buy a VS880 and do it myself. Needless to say it is not as easy as it looks. I have a lot to learn about recording music. My main goal is to record bands that are not fortunate enough to have equipment.


Maton (an australian make) small body accoustic Ibanez Roadstar 2


Brady drum kit Tablas


VS880 on board


SM58's, SM57, AKG 3000, Sure BG 4.1


Yamaha MX12/4

Hard disk recorders



Old shitty amp (my good one blew up) runs a pair of JC-30 Bookshelf monitors that are ok though a little bassy. Sennhieser 475 Headphones.


PC with 8 gig hard drive. Zip Drive. Occasional borrowed HP Cd writer.

Music software

VS copy/transfer (polarsonic shareware)

Additional notes

Anyone with any tips to help a musician overcome his sound engineering disabilities....Help. This is with specific reference to recording accoustic instruments eg Cello, Piano, Classical guitar, Accoustic Guitar and real Drums.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Average None
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians