Home Studio Registry: Nicholas Curley

Future plans/projects

My 1 man death metal/80s hardcore/ 80s punk/Disco/ rap cd.. like.. Cannible Corpse.. meets death meets suicidal tendencies meets Suicidal Tendencies meets Earth wind and fire meets dead milkmen


Fender Steve harris P Bass, Yamaha RBX 270 bass..


Hammond XK 2


Yamaha Dtxtreme electronic drums


Boss Gt-6B, Rocktek metalworker, Big Muff Pi, Dod EV Filter, leslie footboard


Shure Mics

Tape decks

Fostex 4 track into a sony dual cassette deck for mixdown


1 peavey 400 watt Mark 3 series bass amp, leslie 900 series rotary speaker for hammond organ and some bass and guitar effects


Compaq computer.. 1.4 ghz ...20 gigs of harddrive..

Music software

Pro tools
Primary use Secondary use
Jamming and Fun Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Average None
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 21-40