Home Studio Registry: Sascha Beselt M.A.

Future plans/projects

Currently working on Shred soloalbum "Busy Strings", new, third MANDATORY album, DISPUTOR-debut full length "Massive Repulsion", MERCURIA's 2nd album "Grace", INVICTION's debut "Black Aether" as well as my clients' music and German Pop music productions.


Approx. 20 electric and acoustic guitars as well as basses. Brands like G&L, Fernandes, Ibanez, Amistar, Yamaha, Chery, Hoyer, Garrison, Art and Lutherie, Framus, Fern, Peavey, Schack and probably soon Robin and Carvin.


Korg Trinity 76 Korg DW-8000 Korg R3 Roland JV 1080 Roland JV 880 Yamaha SY-1 Yamaha YS-200 Arturia Minimoog

Sound modules

Korg Trinity 76 Korg DW-8000 Korg R3 Roland TD-12 Roland JV 1080 Roland JV 880 Yamaha SY-1 Yamaha YS-200 Arturia Minimoog EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold


Roland TD-12 Yamaha RX-15 (vintage 80's drum machine)


TC Electronic Reverb 4000 Lexicon MPX-1 Alesis Midiverb 2 Lexicon PCM 92 (soon to be added)


Brauner Valvet Rode NTK Rode NT-5 (2x) Sennheiser MD 421 Shure SM 57 (2x) Oktava MK 319 Oktava MK 219 Oktava MK 012 (2x)


Yamaha PM 2000 (200 kg's of analog power)

Tape decks

Revox B-77 (modded for mastering speed)

Hard disk recorders



Genelec 8040A Monkey Banana Turbo Sennheiser HD 280 Pro


Apple PowerMac Soon: Mac Pro

Music software

ProTools (soon upgraded to new version 10) Arturia Minimoog EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold Steinberg Wavelab Celemony Melodyne Cre8

Additional equipment

Hardware: Yamaha PM 2000 vintage analog mixing console Thermionic Culture THE PHOENIX Mastering Plus compressor TK-Audio BC1 MK II bus compressor A-Designs HM2EQ ̢ Hammer̢ stereo bus/mastering equalizer Buzz Audio SOC 1.1 stereo bus/mastering compressor Audient Sumo summing amplifier / stereo compressor Universal Audio LA 610 preamp/ opt. compressor Universal Audio M-610 preamp (3x) AMEK/NEVE Purepath preamp / compressor TC Electronic Reverb 4000 highend reverb processor Lexicon MPX-1 multieffects processor TL Audio EQ-1 stereo valve equalizer Focusrite Mixmaster analog mastering channelstrip RME ADI 8 DS converters Complete UAD-DSP card bundle with additional mastering Precision series plugins Dbx 163 X compressor (2x) Dbx 166 XL stereo compressor (2x) Various Alesis and Behringer (original German-made series) FX processors, exciters, equalizers and compressors Genelec 8040A studio speakers Monkey Banana Turbo studio speakers Modded Studer Revox tape machine (38 cm/s) for mastering and "warming" applications Apple Powermac Pro Tools DAW Microphones: Brauner Valvet Rode NTK Countless of Sennheiser, Rode, Shure, Oktava microphones (MD421's, SM57's, MK319's, MK219's, MK012's, NT-5 's) Musical instruments + software: Roland TD-12 drumkit with additional cymbals, ride and more Carvin X-100 B, Peavey Delta Blues amps Vintage PCL MK III, Rocktron "Pro G.A.P." and Peavey Rockmaster preamps, Peavey Classic 60/60 power amp Marshall 1960 cab Line 6 POD 2 XT Pro Sansamp PSA 1.1 Roland JV 1080 + various expansion boards (expander) Roland JV 880 (expander) Korg TR 76 workstation Yamaha SY-1 (vintage analog synth) Yamaha YS-200 (vintage digital synth) Korg DW8000 (vintage digital synth) Korg R3 (virtual analog synth) Yamaha RX-15 (vintage drumcomputer) Korg tuners Customized G&L Invader Customized Ibanez RG760 Fernandes R8 ̢���The Revival̢����_ ̢�����85 Hoyer Rockman Ibanez Roadstar II RG425 Ibanez RG7620 Chery St Custom Strat Cheri Custom Telecaster Cheri Strat Schack Unique 4string bass Peavey Cirrus 5string bass Garrison G-25 western guitar (original series) Various Yamaha western and classical guitars Custom Fern lapsteel guitar Celemony Melodyne Arturia Minimoog EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold Steinberg Wavelab 7 mastering software

Additional notes

Musicologist M.A., composer, lyricist, docent, solo artist, musician for bands MANDATORY (Ger), DISPUTOR, INVICTION, MERCURIA and solo.




Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other More than 100