Home Studio Registry: Shane Hendricks

Future plans/projects

CD release in 2004 or 2005.


Ibanez JEM77FP, Custom Fernandez Retrorocket X, Ibanez Classical, Epiphone Emperor Reagent, and a customized Martin Electric.


Alesis QS6.

Sound modules

Reason, Absynth, FM7, Koblo, P-52, Yamaha TG-100, Csound, and others.


MOTU's Digital Performer, Alesis QS6, D4, TG-100, Reason, Rebirth, FM7, Koblo, Absynth, and others.


MOTU's Digital Performer, Adobe Premier, Digitech TSR-24, Csound, Waves, Bombfactory, Pluggo.


Marshall MXL, Shure SM-57, Fender D3, and Mic Modeler.


Mackie CR 1604 16 channel board.

Tape decks

Iomega ZIP 650 CDRW, Sony DTC 700 DAT, and Realistic cassette deck

Hard disk recorders

Power Macintosh G4 Dual 1.2 GHz with approx. 151 GB hard drive space and 1.2 GB RAM running Digital Performer 3.11.


Tannoy 6.5 Monitors, Stewart PA-100B power amp, Sony MDR V600 headphones, Nady QH-360 Headphones.


Power Macintosh G4 Dual 1.2 GHz with approx. 151 GB hard drive space and 1.2 GB RAM.

Music software

MOTU Digital Performer, FreeMidi, MTP II Console Software, Unisyn editing software, Sound Bridge sample transfer software, VSamp Software-based sampler, Koblo, Reason, FM7, P-52, Rebirth, Absynth, Cloud Generator (granular synthesis), Th0nk (granular synthesis), Sound Forum, Csound, and other editors/miscellaneous software.

Additional equipment

Alesis MEQ 230 Equalizer and 3630 Compressor. Behringer and Carvin Patch Bays, Mark of The Unicorn's Midi Time Piece II, Carvin SX200D guitar amp. Everything is nicely racked in a Calzone console. Other miscellaneous gear not listed.

Additional notes


Primary use Secondary use
Recording Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
Above average High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 61-100