Home Studio Registry: Steve Chiocca

Future plans/projects

Have produced over 1200 songs for use in loads of different types of things, mainly theatre and pantomime use and have produced and co-produced loads of different albums from old time music hall through to reggae (been in UK reggae charts with Wayne Macarthur-Moon Wave Music), hip hop and dance. Create excellent quality backing tracks and have done so many originals I've lost count. Most of the production for the 1200+ songs I've done has been cover songs as opposed to originals but I've worked on 200+ original songs either alone or with different musicians, writers, singers, etc.


Work with loads of different people with loads and loads and loads of different instruments (not just guitars), plus really good friend runs his own music shop, so never a problem whatever guitar/instrument is wanted.


Roland E-70, Korg M1, Digital sampler with over 650,000 sounds in library.

Sound modules

Roland Sound Canvas SC33. Don't tend to use modules anymore as I use all sampled individual instruments on the computer, though play these in manually via midi connection. I assign sample data to midi notes so that I can record the samples into a song by playing the keyboard.


Alesis SR16, Normally use samples for building up patterns but lucky enough to have The Bay City Rollers drummer who is a personal friend and sometimes record live drummers such as him and others.


Only outboard effect is a Boss Delay unit as I run Logic Platinum among many other programs and use effects from Plug-Ins such as EQ, Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Compression etc.


4 radio mics (SM58-just love the sound-from my gigging days) 3 standard mics SM58, SM57 and a proper studio recording mic but still prefer SM58's (even for recording in this day and age).


Outboard JBL desk for controlling sound into the soundcard and outputs to main speaker system so I can hear current song being worked on.

Tape decks

None-Master to CD/Minidisc


900watt power amp, 4 main speakers 2 Kam 440W, 2 Peavey 300W, Sennheiser/Phillips headphones.


Pentium III 500MHz, 9GB SCSI hard drive (old now I know), SCSI CDRW, 256MBRAM.

Music software

Logic Platinum, Cubase VST Score (64 track audio), Goldwave, Acid Music plus loads of others.

Additional notes

I work with and have worked with many different people over and have been playing music professionally since I was 13. I'm now 33 and would like to continue working with more musicians, writers, engineers, singers etc etc. as I love doing new and different stuff all the time.

Primary use Secondary use
Other Other
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other More than 100