Home Studio Registry: Steven Nettles

Future plans/projects

We are fledging production company with plans to record release several independent projects over the next five yrs.


Fender Telecaster And Fender 6 acoustic


K2500, XP-80, SY-55,S03,Mirage Dsk and Korg T1

Sound modules

2Alesis QSRs


MPC2000XL - RY20


Avalon 747 Vt Lexicon MPX100,BBE482,Digitech Vocalist processor


Audio Techic 3045, Akg C3000B,Octavia studio condenser mic


Mackie 24/4

Tape decks

Phillips cdrw 930 cakeWalke ProAudio8,Cool edit pro ,ACID 3.0 Running Lexicon Core2 desktop audio sound card

Hard disk recorders



Monitoring HaflerM5 and SPirit Absolute zero Hafler Ta 1100 and Alesis RA 100 Cerwin vega 12" - 3 way playback monitors Audio technic Studio Monitors vocal room headphones Sony ctrl room headphones 2 sets


Compaq P11567 30 GIG Western Digital hard drive for digital Floppy drive and 20 gig Quantum bigfoot system drive

Music software

CakeWalk Pro Audio8 CoolEdit Pro Acid 3.0 Voyerta labs Hip-Hop Ejay which i use to sample custom sound into the mPc and THe k25oo

Additional equipment

Furman conditioner and Behringer 48 pt Pacthbay assorted of different drives scsi and jaz drive for the Dps12

Additional notes

Try to get a budget to invest an additional 4,oooo for equipment purchases and upgrades( sound libraries for all the sampling workstations, and Possibly purchasing the trintiy sound module In the event of any interest and or Substantial sales activity of any of our forthcoming projects definetly purchase of 8 bus Digital mixer and the pro tools system isn't out of the realm of possiblity we have to funding. but Want to establish ourself in the industry before we make any further investments in equipment.

Primary use Secondary use
Commercial work Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Above average High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other More than 100