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April-May 1999
Marshall C. Harrison

Sweep those old sweeping techniques under the rug! Marshall Harrison`s got some great ideas in store for you.

April-May 2000
Ray DeTone

How to get that twangin` country crosspicked sound, when the pressure is on.

June-July 2000
Ray DeTone

Lower Bach pain? A great exercise for right hand picking as well as left hand fretting technique.

August-September 2000
John Tapella

Chopin`s swift piano piece adapted for the six-string.

October-November 2000
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

The official arpeggios of Guitar Nine Records - always play the 9th. Take it away Mike.

December-January 2000
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

Mike Campese is back with a follow up article with even more 9ths for your entertainment.

February-March 2001
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

A classical sounding etude designed to enhance the chops of any serious player.

April-May 2001
Gianluca Piersanti

Guitarist Gianluca Piersanti preaches a serious focus on phrasing.

April-May 2001
Scott Hughes

Break out of those ol` common scales with Mr. Hughes.

April-May 2001
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

How to add a really cool twist to your playing.

June-July 2001
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

Taking a violin caprice to the six-string.

June-July 2001
Muriel Anderson

Great scalar ideas from an award winning guitarist.


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