Chromatic Scale Alternate Picking

Hello everybody, my name is Salvatore Vecchio and I am an Italian guitarist and didactic columnist for guitar magazines. This is an exercise for alternate picking. It is developed on the "chromatic scale" (1/2 tone, 1/2 tone, 1/2 tone etc.), in this case built on the E minor chord. I have transcribed a couple of variations of the scale, using for example, a string skipping technique that is very good for the right hand.

Pay close attention to the picking indications (under the tab lines), in order to have a easier, clearer and of course, steady execution of the examples.

After learning this excercise, you can try playing the scale a different way, moving the picking accents on each note. The exercise ends with an E diminished sweep (I, III min, V dim, VII dim) that is a super finish!

Gtr I (E A D G B E) - 'electric 1'



Salvatore Vecchio is an Italian guitarist and columnist for guitar magazines. He is currently playing with two bands, Ivory and Attitude.

His debut instrumental rock/fusion CD is "The Warm LIght Of Night".

Salvatore Vecchio