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April-May 2021
Guitar Nine

Dozens of articles on the subject of scales, scale patterns, scale connection and more.

December-January 2020
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

A great way to connect the five basic major scale patterns.

June-July 2020
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

If you know all of your scale patterns, but are not sure how to connect them, this lesson will help you.

April-May 2020
Tommaso Zillio

What we are being told by traditional music theory, is a load of crap.

February-March 2020
Tommaso Zillio

Creating unlimited licks using the pentatonic scale.

December-January 2019
Tommaso Zillio

The pentatonic scale contains 5 notes; the melodic combinations you have to work with are endless.

August-September 2019
Tommaso Zillio

Koto on guitar - let's get exotic, shall we?

April-May 2019
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

Now, Mike mixes up the rhythms when practicing scales to make things that much more interesting.

February-March 2019
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

Building your chops while making practice time more interesting and even, fun.

December-January 2018
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

Mike digs a little deeper into the Altered scale, aka Super Locrian.

June-July 2018
Luca Sellitto

Deepen your knowledge of the Minor Pentatonic scale, free yourself from the “5 boxes slavery”, expand your phrasing vocabulary and stimulate your creativity.

December-January 2017
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

Mike teaches you scale sequences (in the Hanon style, adapted from piano) that are great for your dexterity and precision.


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