Guitar Nine's Attic: G9 Acoustic Armaments

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ar·ma·ment /ˈärməmənt/ weapons and equipment.

A look at the Guitar Nine organization's cluster of acoustic guitars, perfect for the unplugged sound (or plugged sound actually, since most feature on-board pickups) from 1980 through 2022. It's been called the "Sublime 9", but that's a somewhat whimsical (or posh) way of saying there's an appropriate instrument for every die-hard folkie, classically-inspired fingerstylist and even the Jim Croce wanna-be.

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Martin GPC Special 16 Style Rosewood Grand Performance Acoustic-Electric
Ovation Standard Balladeer 2751 AX 12-String Acoustic-Electric
Taylor T5z Pro
Ovation Elite Plus Celebrity Acoustic/Electric
Alvarez Yairi Standard CY75CE Classical Acoustic/Electric
RainSong Limited Edition Stars and Stripes Acoustic-Electric
Fender American Acoustasonic Stratocaster Acoustic-Electric
Takamine TC132SC Classical Acoustic-Electric
Martin Standard Series D-28

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