Interview: Alien Cowboys

Dan McAvinchey: Guys, who do you count as some of your biggest musical influences?

Ralph Perucci: The Yardbirds, the Beatles and Eric Clapton.

Bruce Stevenson: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Pete Townsend.

Dan McAvinchey: What equipment do you use at the moment?

Ralph Perucci: Paul Reed Smith (swamp ash custom 22), Boogie Nomad, Bogner shiva.

Bruce Stevenson: Parker Fly, guitar synth, VoxAC30, Rolandvc120.

Dan McAvinchey: What are you hoping to achieve musically?

Ralph Perucci: My goal is to play like Aretha Franklin sings.

Bruce Stevenson: I'd just like to bring back the rock instrumental.

Dan McAvinchey: What are you working on now?

Ralph Perucci: I'm recording the new PRS Dragons CD.

Bruce Stevenson: I'm working to complete the Alien Cowboys third CD "Other Space".

Dan McAvinchey: How do you compose your music?

Ian Thomson: Bruce and Ian write the chord structure and arrangement then Ralph adds
the melody.

Dan McAvinchey: Do you record at home or rent time at a commercial facility?

Ian Thomson: We have our own recording facility at our rehearsal studio and have been doing all recent recording there. We also rent time if necessary at a more elaborate studio. Ralph has his own studio in Manhattan.

Dan McAvinchey: What went into the decision to release your record independently?

Ian Thomson: Somebody had to do it!!

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Dan McAvinchey: What's the advantage of doing it on your own?

Ian Thomson: We have and maintain complete artistic control and integrity.

Dan McAvinchey: Any tips or words of advice for all the independent musicians out there?

Ian Thomson: Use every guerilla technique you can think of. Internet, playing out, print
media--anything that will make you more visible.

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The Alien Cowboys are a 4 piece instrumental guitar rock band from California whose music features high energy grooves, strong melodies, and big solos. Group members include Ralph Perucci on lead guitar (who also plays in the Paul Reed Smith Band - PRS guitar founder/CEO), Bruce Stevenson on rhythm guitar, Gregg Jones on bass and Ian Thomson on drums. Each song on their self-titled CD is a standout, featuring straight-from-the-gut, searing solos from Perucci's axe. Add stellar production and a great package and you've got a dynamite rock record on your hands, certain to be noticed by an otherwise jaded rock press.

Dan McAvinchey managed to corral three-quarters of the Cowboys into answering a few questions for Guitar Nine readers.