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The October-November edition is now online!

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New Columns

This edition's guest columnists are writing on topics such as guitar tone, soloing and root notes. We've got six contributed articles altogether - all written by regular contributing columnists.

Mike Campese is back with an article entitled "Know Your Roots". Prolific columnist and guitarist Tommaso Zillio contributes four more entertaining and informative articles, "Should You Really Mute Your Guitar Strings?", "Soloing Over The Imperial March From Star Wars". "How I Learned To Simplify My Guitar Playing From Andy Summers" and "Three No-Cost Tricks To Change Your Guitar Tone". Finally, returning with another "Influences" column is Dan McAvinchey with "Influences: David Gilmour".

Enjoy a blast from the past with a classic column from the Guitar Nine archives, Dan McAvinchey's "Starting a Record Label".

Our new series is entitled "Guitar Nine Focus", which gathers excellent columns written within a chosen area of focus. This time, the spotlight is on phrasing.

Mike Campese - "Know Your Roots"

Tommaso Zillio - "Should You Really Mute Your Guitar Strings?"

Tommaso Zillio - "Soloing Over The Imperial March From Star Wars"

Tommaso Zillio - "How I Learned To Simplify My Guitar Playing From Andy Summers"

Tommaso Zillio - "Three No-Cost Tricks To Change Your Guitar Tone"

Dan McAvinchey - "Starting A Record Label"

Dan McAvinchey - "Influences: David Gilmour"

Guitar Nine Focus: Phrasing


No new interviews in October. The February update included interviews with guitarist Michael A. Ruelas, and Italian guitar player Andre Tonelli.

Michael A. Ruelas

Andre Tonelli


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In Conclusion

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Dan McAvinchey
Guitar Nine