Shifting Sixteenth Note Scales

In this month's lesson I will show you some useful scale patterns, based around shifting sixteenth notes. What does this mean? Simply, you play the same rhythm-melodic sequence on the same beat, starting on a different sixteenth each time.

Lick 1

This is a basic example. The accent is straight on the beat (first sixtheeth note).


Lick 2

Now same pattern, starting on the second sixteenth note. Note how different the feel is!


Lick 3

Again on the third sixteenth note. Upbeat feel here!


Lick 4

And now one of most common patterns (and my favorite one too), especially in jazz-fusion
styles due to its Latin feel.


Lick 5

To finish, here is a another kind of shifting. We play a six sixteenth note pattern that creates an interesting 3 on 2 time feel. Try it!


Gianluca Verrengia is an Italian guitarist who composes original music in the rock, orchestral, ambient and electronic genres.

He also composes music for commercial use.

Gianluca Verrengia

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