The Undiscovered: Pat Baxter

Pat Baxter


New CD Offers Eclectic Blend Of Rock And Blues

Waitin' For The Train is the new CD from Ontario, Canada guitarist Pat Baxter, an EP-length, eight song mix of vocal and instrumental numbers mostly delivered in a rock quartet (bass, guitar, drums, keys) format. While the production style is a little uneven at times (the guitar solo on the title track is mixed way too low for example), Baxter is able to work in plenty of his stylistic guitar techniques throughout the CD. He modulates from 4/4 time to 7/8 and 9/8 in "The Chillipepper", providing an inspired rhythmic base for blues and wailing rock leads. Baxter really gets to flaunt his stuff in a trio format on the hyper-boogie "Hot Parts" and the 'down and dirty', start-to-finish soloing of "Rat Pack", which also features a lengthy keyboard solo by Curtis Brunet. The talkbox solos in the vocal number "Rattlesnake Sneakers" are also a nice touch. Waitin' For The Train is a fine first recorded effort from a dedicated guitarist.


Since then he has been involved in recording sessions from Toronto, Canada to Los Angeles, California. In 1990 he graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Hollywood, California. Pat is also the author of "Rockin' The Modes," an instructional guitar book on modes and scales, and he currently writes the monthly column "Guitar Soloing And Improvisation".

Since the completion of Waitin' For The Train, Baxter has been working with vocal coach Brian Vollmer (singer in Helix) and he is certain his next recording will include a little more vocals.

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