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June-July 2017

Tommaso explores the Harry Potter inspired "wizards only" theory of talent,

April-May 2017

Although prolific, these two guitarists were really just culminations of hard work done by many guitarists before them.

April-May 2017

The biggest obstacle standing in the way of your guitar playing greatness is not learning complicated techniques.

February-March 2015

Tom Hess identifies the five keys required for becoming a truly great guitar player.

February-March 2015

Two Reasons Why You Have A Hard Time Expressing Maximum Emotion In Your Guitar Playing

October-November 2014

Before you take another lesson, here are the seven things that your guitar teacher has never told you (that you need to know).

June-July 2014

The most frequent fears possessed by most guitarists and what you must do to overcome them and reach your musical goals.

February-March 2014

Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney has advice for artists on ways to cope with the annual holiday seasons.

April-May 2013

Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney reminds us the successful artists are out there meeting everyone and working together, the others never leave home.

February-March 2013

Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney reminds you to create a newsletter your fans want to read.

December-January 2012

Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney discusses the difference was between a victor and victim.

December-January 2017

Anyone (including yourself) can learn to develop creativity by using the proven methods and strategies for reaching this goal.

August-September 2012

Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney implores you to keep from throwing away your passion.

August-September 2012

Here you`ll get essential tips to help you achieve the success you are striving for.

April-May 2010

Don`t let yourself get worse but not trying to get better.

October-November 2009

Strategies on how you can start achieving more of the things you desire - today.

June-July 2009

There is an attitude, or spirit, that is common to most guitarists who have become successful.

June-July 2009

It`s important not to lose your soul in the pursuit of musical expression.

October-November 2006

Do you know the difference between an amateur and a professional? Learn the difference between `just playing well` and mastery.

April-May 2006

Motivation. Where did it go? Indie marketing guru Tim Sweeney can help you reconnect with your passion.

April-May 2006

Here`s how to spark the inspirational flame, and reignite your inner fire.

February-March 2006

Getting it done? Or wishing you had? Maybe it`s not too late to make your future.

December-January 2005

How will you achieve what you really want (goals) without knowing why you want them, and how you will get there (plans)? Let`s discuss.

June-July 2005

What separates those who do from those who don`t? Here`s how you can succeed where others have failed.

February-March 2005

How limitation can actually be the vehicle that propells one toward their own statement of purpose.

February-March 2005

Drew Vics stresses the importance of a good foundation.

December-January 2004

You`ve had it, you know you have.

August-September 2004

Drew Vics paraphrases the famous Nike slogan and applies it to the six string.

June-July 2004

Neo-classical guitarist Tom Hess discusses the motivations of a true artist.

December-January 2003

Tom Hess is back with the twenty concepts you need... and the five things to forget.

October-November 2003

Tom Hess takes an original approach to the subject of originality in music.

October-November 2003

Virtuoso classical guitarist and instructor Jamie Andreas on how to make progress, real progress, in your abilities.

June-July 2003

Stop pulling out your hair, read the latest gem from Mr. Hess.

October-November 2002

Hard questions to ask yourself before your next recording session begins.

February-March 2002

Neo-classical guitarist Tom Hess will break you of your tendency to quit.

August-September 2001

Virtuoso classical guitarist and instructor Jamie Andreas discusses a controversial topic, is talent born, or made? You decide.

April-May 2001

Playing guitar in a purple haze, with no concept of the real world? Curtis relates his own take on musical devotion.

February-March 2001

Ready to experience horrific encounters with pop culture? Take a ride with Joboj.

October-November 2000

Acoustic, electric, if it`s got six, Steve Booke plays `em. He`s here to reveal the essence of recording legacy.

June-July 2000

Do you wonder if you could ever be as good as your favorite guitar player? Will Landrum is back with good news.

June-July 1999

McAvinchey signs off on the popular series; what will the future bring.

February-March 1999

The odds of doing anything significant in the music business are long from the start, but artists who can't think beyond the short term have it thousands of times harder.